Blog Post: Book Description for Ash & Olive -

Hello, friends!

August is winding down, which means an end to summertime. I’m not looking forward to colder weather, but I am very excited for the launch of my next YA contemporary novel, Ash & Olive, which is due out in October. Last month, I promised to share a full description, so if you’ve been wondering what it’s about, here you go!! Drumroll….

Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence becomes a YA contemporary drama in this bittersweet love story about two unlikely people and the forbidden romance that threatens to ignite an unforgivable scandal.

Seventeen-year-old Ashford Whitman is following a blueprint for success. He’ll graduate from a prestigious prep school, attend an Ivy League college, and eventually run his family’s global business. With the equally ambitious Poppy Barnes by his side, everything he wants is falling exactly into place.

Except for one complication. Olive Randall, Poppy’s unpredictable cousin, takes refuge on the Upper East Side after running away from her European boarding school. At first, Ashford sees Olive and her tattered reputation as trouble to avoid, and Olive sees Ashford as another judge and jury for her mistakes. He never expects her independent spirit to free him from the suffocating rules that govern his life, and she’s surprised when he becomes an ally, helping her navigate the hypocritical demands of New York’s elite society. Their growing attraction is dangerous—discovery equals complete rejection by their families—but being apart is unbearable. Torn between true love and obligation, they must decide to follow their hearts, or walk away from each other forever.

Has that description gotten you in the mood for reading? I hope so! Next month, I’ll be revealing the cover for Ash & Olive, so keep an eye out for it!